USAID Project


This project improves access to markets for Ghana’s farmers by strengthening the systems that deliver safe, quality produce and food. Launched in the wake of an EU ban on Ghanaian agricultural exports.

Activities and Approaches

As a program support project under USAID’s initiative, this project was managed by lean local team expertise that delivered technical assistance. Brand It Limited relied on its robust highly skilled experts and experience to catalyze enterprise and private sector growth in West Africa.


Develope a traceability system

The project supported the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to establish traceability systems for fruits and vegetables to identify when and where food safety and quality problems are introduced— at growing, harvesting, processing, or packaging—and address them quickly.

Improve Value Chain Food safety system

Brand It Limited conducted value chain assessments and introduced systems that improved the ability of producers and other actors along the value chain to meet the sanitary and phytosanitary standards that the market demands.

Strengthen Government Food Safety System

The project coordinated with the Ghanaian government, international donors, the private sector, and others working on sanitary and phytosanitary protections to take steps to improve the inspection, monitoring, and certification processes and systems.